Beautiful Beginning Midwife Training Center - Where more than babies are born!

Beautiful Beginning Birth has been birthing more than babies. Here, midwives are born! Our students learn compassionate, evidence based care that is woman focused. Our mission at Beautiful Beginning is to teach students how to empower women through a family focused approach to the child-bearing year.


Our Mission

The Midwife Training Center is devoted to diversity of experiences in training with a blend of self study and teacher directed learning. Students work toward mastery of the skills required to be a successful midwife through skills classes, clinical practice and academic study. Classes meets one* day per week and students have a flexible on-call schedule for their first year, allowing them to balance school-work-family.

Students learn to transform theory into practice. Each student has an academic advisor to consult with throughout their training. Each student has the opportunity to study with several different midwives, allowing them the opportunity to see different approaches to midwifery practice. Clinical training begins at Beautiful Beginning Birth Center so that students feel prepared to work with our preceptor-midwives in the community right from the start.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the Midwives Model of Care©. We believe that birth is a natural process. Interventions should be kept to a minimum and only when necessary. Assisting a woman through the childbearing year through education, counseling and guidance in decision making is just as important as monitoring maternal and fetal wellbeing. A woman should feel empowered through her pregnancy and birth experience.

We believe that midwives play an important role in assisting women during this sacred journey. With thorough academic and clinical training, a student is able to blossom into a competent and confident provider that will ensure the safety of both mother and infant as well as respect the beauty of birth. We believe that each student is unique and the experience of becoming a midwife will be unique to each individual.

* Traditional pathway - see Academics page for details


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